Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A bit of Routine

Breakfast weekdays starts at 8:30 after the Bewohneren go to the workshop. After that we start morning chores which includes laundry and cleaning just about everything. Sometimes someone goes shopping etc. Then from around 1 to 4 we have a break. The Bewohneren come back around four and we have Kaffee und Kuchen Zeit. Then its whatever is needed until dinner. I mostly Spaziergang machen with Lena, Sophie, and/or Fieke. Recently just with Fieke. She is Blind but loves music...shes singing all the time (even when we should have some quiet time) Most recently its been “8 Days a Week” by the Beatles and “Empire State of Mind” by JZ and Alicia Keys (because I'm from New York, Süß na?) She only recently has been able to come up with my name...I'm still new you know. After dinner we have evening prayers together as a house and then bed, generally around 9ish if we can. I'm only starting to help out with bed time and it'll be a while before I start doing wake up Dienst(which is pretty early so I don't mind. Starts around 6 and gets the Bewohneren up and ready for work.). After everyone's in bed we do some end of the day tiding up, set the table for breakfast and then

Saturdays and Sundays are different and things change. Sundays we split up and some of us go the Catholic Church and the others go the the Evangelical Church. I've gone to the Catholic Church both Sunday's I've been here. There are two Priests (who's names I don't have down yet) one is ethnic German and the other is from India, both are good friends of die Arche. This past Sunday the German priest had quite an interesting homily. He called out the Church's hierarchy. He talked about how Jesus saw us all as equal, that we should treat each other as equals, yet there are great divides between us. He ended by asking us “If Jesus came to us today, what would he say about the Church.” The next evening I was in the Evangelical Church with some of the Bewohenern for Reformation Day....cute right? But it was a good experience, they have a fabulous choir. It was also a good bye service for their Pastor who was called to another church. At the end of it they played “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python's Life of Brian...I hope my boy Eric Idle picked up some royalties... it was pretty awesome.

Note: Names have been changed to protect the wonderful folks I live and work with :D

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  1. Love you Marie - The Who are building teenage cancer clinics in the US like the ones in Europe! Glad all is well. CMS